Saturday, October 6, 2012

Poe on Screen: A&E Bio Channel: The Mystery of Edgar Allan Poe

Get to know the master of the macabre by watching the A & E Biography Channel's documentary on the man and mystery known as Edgar Allan Poe.  Poe's life was not an easy one.  Orphaned at an early age and separated from his siblings, Poe went to live with Frances and John Allan.  As a young man, he attended West Point.  He was kicked out after a year and began concentrating on writing.  In 1845 his famous poem The Raven was published.  By 1849 he was dead.  A tortured soul and successful man gone at the age of 40.

Want to find out more?  There is a great synopsis of Poe's life on the Biography Channel web site and the A&E Biography Channel video is being shown as part of this year's Big Read: NH Reads Edgar Allan Poe.
Movies and vidoes are being show at a variety of locations throughout the state during Big Read, check the calendar of events for details.

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