Monday, October 29, 2012

Partner: William D. Weeks Memorial Library

Lancaster Public Library was created in the late 1800s after a series of small reading groups and subscription libraries.  In 1906 John W. Weeks gave the town a new building in memory of his father William Dennis Weeks to house the growing library's collections, and at that point the library's name was officially changed to the William D. Weeks Memorial Library.  An addition tripled the space of the library in 1998, and the present collection is now greater than 60,000 items.  The mission of the library has three parts: (1) to celebrate and foster recreational learning through activities, technology, and programs for persons of all ages, (2) to serve as a public warehouse (repository) of ideas, a place where information can be shared from print, audio-visual, and on-line sources with the help of trained specialists who organize and make these resources accessible, and (3) to be the hub of our community where information, knowledge, culture, and history interface with people.  The library's current membership is approximately 3000 persons and includes not only residents from the town of Lancaster but also individuals from a thirty mile radius in New Hampshire and neighboring Vermont.  Of particular notice is the library's large and growing New Hampshire and genealogical collections. They are partners with White Mountains Regional High School and Lancaster Elementary School on this year's Big Read.

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