Monday, October 22, 2012

Partner: Milton Free Public Library

The Milton Free Public Library (“Little Red School House”) is located on half an acre in the center of Milton Mills. The architecture is French Second Empire style with a mansard style roof and dormer windows upstairs. The foundation is brick. The style is unique to Milton Mills - no other buildings in town have the same style - however it was popularly used in public buildings at the time of its construction . There have been no significant exterior renovations other than maintenance (i.e., painting and replacing rotten boards). It contains two rooms downstairs which currently operate as the library. As one enters the building, the first thing seen is a beautiful staircase that branches off in two directions. The upstairs consists of one very large room, and a bell tower with a functioning bell. The floors are hardwood and the walls are plaster.
The Little Red School House remains a unique feature of Milton Mills; with its unique architecture of the "Second Empire" style, its bell tower and its central location. The library is partnering with Nute Middle and High Schools on this year's Big Read.

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