Sunday, September 30, 2012

Partner: Boscawen Public Library

The Boscawen Public Library has always been a reflection of the community it is proud to serve. The library was voted into existence at the town meeting in March 1892. The Town Hall housed the library starting the next year, with a collection of 108 books. Guy Lowell, a nationally renowned architect, designed the building in upper Boscawen, dedicated in 1913. In 2005, the library moved to a new home in the old elementary school, currently home to the police and town office as well as the library. The new space was dedicated October 31, 2006. At the dedication of the old building in upper Boscawen, they hoped that the library would be “one new channel for continued usefulness. . . a lighthouse and a power-house for the people who now live here, not less than for the generations to come.”

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